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Important: Coronavirus Message

Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus), UIUC has indefinitely suspended all in-person classes and events until further notice. Classes will be conducted online, and stuent run organizations will suspend many activities. Student government meetings and events will not take place on campus; select committees may hold meetings online. Please abide by all restrictions and maintain a good sense of hygiene during this difficult time.

Coranavirus Info and Map

Because COVID-19 has no known cure, it is essential to exercise additional caution and take various measures to avoid contracting or spreading the disease. If you have recently travelled to countries with confirmed cases, come in close proximity to infected people, or otherwise believe you may be at risk of contracting the virus, please take extra precaution. Avoid attending large gatherings, visiting popular tourist attractions including cruise ships, amusement parks, and museums. Travel between the USA and most of Europe has been suspended, and non-essential international travel is highly discouraged; international students should read UIUC policy and reconsider travel. If you feel any potential symptoms (described in CDC website), visit a doctor as soon as possible. Avoid air or train travel. Regularly wash your hands (especially after touching public surfaces), avoid touching your mouth and eyes with unclean hands, and wipe any public surfaces you may use (desks, tray tables, etc.). Always remember to maintain excellent hygiene everywhere, including inside your own home! For more information, please visit the CDC website.

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Note: Most meetings and events are indefinitely suspended until further notice.

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The ISG believes in the principle of a strong and fair democracy. College campuses generally have low voter turnout rates, but the ISG is aiming to change that statistic. All eligible voters are encouraged to register and vote in the upcoming local, state, and federal elections. Voter registration has never been easier; for most people, the process involves filling out an online form and possibly dropping off a document at the local post office.

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