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  • ISG Response to Racial Harassment at the University of Illinois

    The Illinois Student Government's response to racial harassment on campus.

  • ISG Response to Texas State University

    ISG Response to Texas State University removing TPUSA from their campuses.

  • ISG Response to Title IX Guidelines

    The Illinois Student Government's response to the newly proposed changes to Title IX.

  • ISG Statement on Homecoming Parade

  • ISG Statement on Law Professor Jay Keesan

    The letter of condemnation towards University of Illinois law professor Jay Keesan.

  • ISG Statement on Suburban Express

  • ISG Teaching Excellence Awards 2019

    The Illinois Student Government's Teaching Excellence Awards is a completely student run effort to recognize and thank excellent instructors at the University of Illinois. Any instructor may be nominated, from TA to Full Professor and everything in between. We sincerely appreciate your nomination. Winners will be contacted after the nomination period ends.

  • Joint Statement on Noose in Allen Hall

    Dear Illinois Community,  

    This past Saturday night, a noose was found hanging inside of an elevator in a University of Illinois residence hall (Allen Hall). We are referring to the incident as it is, blatantly racist and continuation of the tradition of white supremacy and racism at this University. Acts of hate and intolerance like this one, are unacceptable and shall not be taken lightly. We condemn this incident to the highest degree and stands with all students in seeing an extensive and open investigation by the University. 

    Acts such as this and those who commit it have absolutely no place at this University and anywhere for that matter. These acts move us backwards and are unfortunately becoming the norm in today’s America. We stand in solidarity with Black Students for Revolution and Black United Front and their demands: 

    The immediate expulsion of student(s) responsible for a period of at least 2 years. The regular public reporting of all racist incidents that are reported to administration and housing. A review of policies related to the discipline of perpetrators of racial hatred, made in conjunction with affected student communities.

    If you have been affected by an act of hate or intolerance you can submit an anonymous report at oiir.illinois.edu/help-stop-hate. If you would like to talk to someone further about this incident, you can reach out to the Counseling Center at (217)-333-3704. 

    In Solidarity, 

    Connor Josellis – Student Body President 

    Jack Langen – Student Body Vice President 

    Black Students for Revolution 

    Black United Front 

    Alissa Xiao – Speaker of the Senate  

    Susan Zhou – Speaker Pro Tempore 

    Marissa Finley – Director of the Senate 

    Trayshawn Mitchell – Student Trustee  

    Ali Mirza – Chief of Staff